Why is POTS Better than an ICO?

ICOs are not totally “dead”, but a Statis survey showed that ONLY 8% that had gone on to successfully trade on an exchange and deliver most of the promises they had given to their investors.

Failure to raise enough funds to deliver the promised goods is the crux of why most ICOs failed. WeBuy recognized this fact and formulated POTS (short for Production-Oriented Token Sale) to meet the challenges blockchain-based projects normally face after an ICO.

Here’s a quick comparison of ICO and POTS:

A topnotch ICO Advisor had issued this warning: “Lessons from mistakes of past ICOs CANNOT save you in the future because the times are changing and the errors that people would make or have made are very different.”

Evidently, what was right in 2017 is no longer right in 2018; what was right in early 2018, is so wrong right now in 2019. Are you supporting the POTS evolution?

Stage 1 POTS happening now @WBY = $0.25

How to contribute to WeBuy? Very easily. The WBY token is already listed on 2 exchanges, Stellar and LATOKEN and will soon be made available via the WeBuy website.

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