What is the Economic Revolution that’s Changing the Workflow of 5000 Years?

The digital advertising industry is ripe for disruption and we at WeBuy seek to pioneer this evolution. While the rest of the world industries like banking, finance, and manufacturing embraced new technologies and devolved monopolies, we observed that the digital advertising space retrogressively transformed into a duopoly controlled by the internet giants; Google and Facebook. Current technological developments have, however, initiated an indiscriminate “economic evolution”.

The evolution’s projected impact even became the highlight of the recently concluded World Economic Forum themed ‘Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.’ During the convention, and in appreciation of the roles such technologies as blockchain have played in initiating an economic evolution, the head of Global Industry and Senior Client Advisor for Deloitte, Gary Coleman, mentioned that though the revolution may be in its nascent stages, it has brought about “swift pace of change and disruption to business and society” further adding that “the time to join is now” for both businesses and individuals.

At WeBuy, we have already laid the groundwork by establishing a global advertising platform that destabilizes the existing duopoly. We firmly believe that it is finally time to bring the unruly nature in which the advertising industry has been run to an end.

How do we plan to achieve this?

Today, the two giants controlling the digital marketing space are playing the role of a middleman. They collect and sell their user’s data to e-commerce enterprises that use it to tailor their advertisements before displaying them to the same users. Our platform deviates from this line of thought by shifting our attention to eliminating this barrier and allowing for direct interaction between buyers and sellers.  We are creating an online community that uses on-demand advertising and brings buyers and sellers together.

Instead of having sellers create ads and pay to have them displayed to uninterested internet users, buyers in WeBuy community will create portfolios listing the items they intend to buy. Employing a host of technological features like geolocation and artificial intelligence, our platform will then match the buyer with the sellers within their region.

Cost effect and proposed cost sharing

WeBuy sellers have uncontrolled access to the platform where you are at liberty to open stores and create portfolios for free. You will only have to pay when marketing your store and matching your products with buyers.

Additionally, unlike in current advertising age where only the internet giants benefit from selling their subscriber’s data, we will distribute over 90% of what sellers pay to the buyers who view and buy their products in the form of WeBuy (WBY) Tokens. The rest goes towards maintaining the platform.

Key Features of WeBuy – A Class Apart from Traditional Advertisers

We have also come up with two pay models to incentivize buyers, sellers and the rest of the WeBuy community. The first involves sharing the revenue collected from sellers with the buyers. More importantly, we have developed a buyer referral program, a form of multi-level marketing where buyers who invite sellers into the platform get paid every time their referrals purchase advertisements.

Our comprehensive WeBuy white paper goes into details about the nitty-gritty of on-demand advertisement strategy. It also covers the complexities revolving the buyer referral program at length. Access it here.

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