WeBuy’s Token (WBY) is now Listed on LATOKEN

Exciting News! WeBuy’s token (WBY) is now listed on LATOKEN, a rapidly growing Top-30 crypto exchange, to help facilitate WeBuy’s POTS (Production-Oriented Token Sale). LAToken will provide liquidity for WBY through its:

● $200+ million daily turnover

● 135,000+ registered traders

● 350+ crypto pairs available for trading

Being listed on cryptocurrency exchanges means that the token can be traded. Bitcoin and Ether are going to be the only trading options for quite some time after WBY gets listed, with other trading pairs being supported, later on.

Among the primary factors considered for exchange enlistment was LAToken’s user base that is far greater than most cryptocurrency marketing campaigns can reach.

Additionally, being able to buy the token from an exchange leads to increased confidence in WeBuy. The fluctuations in the value of the token will be minimized as more people will be more confident of its viability.

This listing lets people know that WeBuy is serious and more importantly, that WeBuy cares about their contributors.

Stage 1 POTS will start at $0.25 per WBY.

You can now trade WBY tokens on 2 exchanges:

LATOKEN: https://bit.ly/2Y2gsmA

Stellar: https://bit.ly/2CSQl8L

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