Webuy to Grace Prestigious Startup Conference in Tel Aviv

TEL AVIV, Israel | PRNewswire |

Innovative, blockchain ecommerce company, WeBuy, is set to grace the prestigious TAU Innovation Centre at the annual startup conference & competition organized by the Tel Aviv University. The distinguished event, comprising of leading startups, VCs, angel investors, and leading companies, has been one of the premier nurturing ground for cutting-edge technological startups. Under the guardianship of Tel Aviv University, the TAU conference is designed to address challenges faced by new businesses and startups through the creation of a unique value proposition exhibit that enables businesses to rub shoulders with investors, corporations, and talents.

WeBuy will be exhibiting its groundbreaking SellMe technology to over 150 investors and 6,000 guests at the event. The platform liberates the commercial exchange of values by rewarding marketplace participants for every engagement including view ads. Buyers, whose importance in the buying and selling ecosystem has always been exploited and relegated to the sidelines, now have an network that rewards their activity without obligation to buy a single item! From being rewarded for their time in viewing ads – if they choose to invest their time there – or creating and managing their own Virtual MarketPlace built with Sellers they
referred to platform, buyers are now being accorded the importance they deserved.

And rewarded for it too.

Buyers private information are never revealed to Sellers or any other third party, leaving them in complete control of their privacy.

WeBuy changes the concept how the things are bought for thousands of years,according to WeBuys CEO and co-founder Emil Guberman.WeBuy changes the way the income is shared. In WeBuy, any exposure is a decision for the Buyer to make and if they decide to be exposed something – they should be compensated for their time. 

WeBuy‘s SellMe features directly connects Sellers to potential Buyers through enterprising geolocation tools. With SellMe, Buyers can describe any product or service they are looking for and broadcast it to relevant WeBuy stores (Sellers) in the buyer’s predefined geographical area. Sellers can easily see and attend to the buyer’s specific need, communicating with them directly in real time and promote products to new customers, leading to a buy/no buy decision by the Buyer.

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