Transparency, Reliability, and Cost Efficiency on the WeBuy Platform

World capitalism has drained the customer dry. Capitalism has slowly made the critical masses, including buyers, consumers or customers, lose their powers. Today, gigantic conglomerates control the market. It’s predicted that global e-retail sales will grow by 71% by the year 2021. They control the world trading and won’t give the buyers affordable prices and a chance to make their own choice. This ruthless business practice hits online markets harder than other institutions. They have exploited their consumer for far too long.

At WeBuy, such practices are forgotten. Let’s explore the possibilities of this game-changing platform.

Buyers Are Craving Transparency

Transparency, as used in science, engineering, business, the humanities, and in other social contexts, is operated in a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability.

Opaqueness in the traditional online market

Sellers all over the world have adopted the traditional online platforms to reach a larger buyer audience. With this method, big and small brands have found it easier to ride on already established “broker platforms”. They charge sellers advertising and commission fees to access the buyer market. The highest bidder gets the larger share. Buyers are just visitors on these platforms. They are only needed when, and if, they are purchasing. There is no relationship, only limited data about the sellers and a risky business relationship.

Markets Should Be Transparent

At WeBuy, the buyer controls the markets. The main rule on this platform is that the”customer is king”. Buyers have the advantage of accessing detailed data on sellers. In fact, they have an exclusive advantage of inviting sellers to their networks if they pass the test of credibility. Sellers also have access to their buyers’ public data. There is an open sharing of information. This story will change over from controlled, opaque systems, to open, free, and transparent business systems where buyers have a say.

Buyers Want Reliable Data

Information that many of the traditional online platforms display is limited. They will show you what they think is necessaryCritical data is withheld, denying the market the ability to make fully informed decisions. At WeBuy, all data is important. It is open for users to access and use it for their transactions. It is factual data, based on actual transactions.

Market Controls Have Made Markets Unreliable

The broker platforms control what buyers can access. The trade systems are complicated, and unreliable. Fictitious scarcity is applied to drive prices up. You can never trust them.

WeBuy Now Makes The Market Reliable

At WeBuy, there is no limitation to what you need to access. All information regarding the seller is shared and displayed on the platform. There is no room for disappointment with this new technology. The buyer’s side of the market is empowered to allow only credible sellers. For a seller to survive in this system, they must be reliable. The buyer networks are pushing for it and the control is now in the hands of the customer.

Buyers Want Reduced Add-On Costs

There are two models to watch here: a standard competitive pricediscrimination model, in which consumers observe all prices, and an “addon pricing” game, in which addon prices are naturally unobserved, and firms may advertise a base product at a low price in the hope of selling addons at high unadvertised prices.

High cost in traditional online markets

In traditional markets, buyers bear the brunt of an added commission fee and advertising costs to the original price. It is predicted that online ad markets will grow by 11% between 2016 and 2021. As this cost of advertising keeps growing, the pressure on buyers will grow as well. Buyers have become the beast of burden, as they ironically carry the proverbial ”customer is king” tag.

Avoiding wasteful advertising

At WeBuy, only available markets define the cost of advertising. If there is no market for you, you will not spend your money on advertising, you will wait to be invited by the right buyers who need you.

The Revolution is Coming…

The markets are about to be revolutionized by this earth-moving, paradigm shift. The complicated seller-broker-buyer relationship has been brought down. A straight-forward, buyer-seller partnership has been established on the WeBuy platform.

The buyers, who have been at the center of exploitation, are moving to the top of the food chain. All buyers are highly encouraged to disown the systems of brokerage exploitation and join WeBuy.

Here, your choice doesn’t come at a cost. In fact, you get to earn the dollars when sellers access you. The ad money can be saved and used for future purchase.

Join WeBuy, and enjoy a transparent, reliable and cost-effective way to access markets.

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