Shopper’s Guide to Earning More

When you think e-commerce, you think about Amazon,​ which accounts ​for approximately ​43.5% ​of ​ total sales ​in ​the ​U.S. and over ​50%​ of ​the ​global market with eBay. Clearly, these names define what e-commerce is today. However, there are still imbalances in the e-commerce structure as it exists today. The most crucial is the uneven distribution of incentives in the e-commerce industry, and WeBuy seeks to correct such shortfalls.

Why Choose the WeBuy Platform?

Many of the big names that dominate the e-commerce industry offer discounts, but only on special occasions; Black Friday is the most popular occasion where you get discounts from many e-commerce platforms. What makes WeBuy different? WeBuy is not an e-commerce site, rather it connects buyers and sellers and offers buyers regular discounts, but puts the buyer in the driver’s seat, in more ways than one.

WeBuy creates a decentralized economic model which places priority on the users of the platform. Unlike the contemporary e-commerce platforms, where you have to cope with adverts of random products, with WeBuy, you get to choose the ads you see and get paid for viewing them.

Benefits of Using WeBuy

WeBuy provides a unique solution which solves an important problem in the ad market space — the issue of non-targeted ads. Currently, ad platforms and marketers hoist a barrage of ads on the internet without knowing their audiences and if they would be interested in these ads at all. So, what separates WeBuy from conventional ad networks?

WeBuy: The Effective Solution

The WeBuy platform enables buyers to choose the adverts they see, how they want to view the ads, and when and how they can be reached by potential sellers. Not only do buyers choose what advert they see, but they also get incentivized for seeing these ads.

Buyers and Sellers are Prioritized

The WeBuy platform places a great deal of priority on both the buyer and the seller, thus, eliminating the need for third parties. For buyers, the WeBuy Platform not only removes the clog of adverts found on traditional ad networks, but it also provides a means of income.

Emil Guberman, the CEO of WeBuy says “In WeBuy, any exposure is a decision for the Buyer to make and if they decide to be exposed to something — they should be compensated for their time.”

Simply put, you get paid when you decide to see an advert. New sellers on WeBuy get a welcome gift of $500 in the form of advertisement credits. The geolocational tools of WeBuy will help sellers to locate buyers who have shown interest in their products or services.

Sellers can also communicate directly with such buyers helping them to maximize every dollar spent on ads and solving the problem of blind advertisement at the same time.

WeBuy: More Than Just Discounts

While solving some of the major problems of the ad network industry, WeBuy also features innovations which makes it more than just a platform for discounts.

WeBuy can be used as a messenger. Emil says, “With WeBuy, my friends can be aware of what I am buying, where I choose to buy it, and even why I’m buying it there.”

With WeBuy, users are given the ability to choose the ads they want to see and when they want to see them. When you view and endorse the ad of a seller, you get incentivized from the money paid by the seller. WeBuy is committed to giving back up to 90% of income generated from the sellers back to the users of the platform.

How to Use WeBuy?

WeBuy eliminates some of the complexities of the blockchain technology, keeping the platform as simple as possible for everyday use. It is also free for both buyers and sellers.

Active buyers in WeBuy earn money as partners. The more active you are on the platform, the more you can earn. The WeBuy platform can be accessed through a mobile application which makes it even easier for buyers to access, and earn.

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