Quick Ways of Earning, Spending, and Saving, All On One Platform

Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’s learning to live on less than you make, so you can give the money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you do this.” — Dave Ramsey

WeBuy’s system functions in a way that money is spent wisely, gained conveniently, and saved properly.

Virtual Integrated System for Entrepreneurs

The world recognizes e-commerce as a virtual means of buying and selling, but not saving. At least not on the same platform. Whereas, on the WeBuy, there is an avenue to buy, sell and save money as well. The existing virtual marketplace has coordinated buying and selling on their platforms from the beginning. Some have integrated logistics and virtual inventory systems that takes notes of products ordered and stocks remaining.

There has been an increase of 158% in e-commerce sales and profits worldwide, from 2014 to 2019, as shown in the chart above. Corresponding with this increase are the earnings/profits made by sellers. Also, within the period from 2014 to 2019, the number of buyers increased by 45%. This information shows that within these years, sellers have been continuously earning money from the proceeds sold while buyers have also been spending money shopping on the platforms. Clearly, both the seller and the buyer do not save money from selling and shopping online, but it’s different on the WeBuy platform.

WeBuy’s Integrated System (How It works)

Up until now advertising was generic, not directed to individuals with the need for the advertised product. Traditional advertising means placing the ads in a way that two categories of the audience (interested and uninterested) would see them. The WeBuy system has been streamlined to eliminate such advertisement overkill.

Digital marketing/advertising has replaced traditional marketing in terms of being cost effective, tracking abilities as well as in coverage; yet there are still some associated hidden charges that have to do with content optimization and others.

The graph below shows a comparison between the cost-effectiveness of digital and traditional marketing.

Digital advertising is dominated by Google and Facebook, which collectively hold about 60% of the market. Global mobile advertising expenses are predicted to reach $163 billion by 2019. WeBuy’s vision is to correct this vital imbalance. It will regain control of the advertising world back from the giants and place it in the hands of the sellers and buyers community.

Earning, Spending, and Saving, All In One Platform

Sellers on the WeBuy platform are capable of affecting sales and making profits out of the results. Nevertheless, there’s more to it on the WeBuy platform.

Sellers on WeBuy platform will be able to earn from advertising. Sellers follow the SellMe profiles of buyers on the platform. This way, they are able to communicate and promote their products and services to the buyer in real time. This approach gives them the opportunity to earn from the cost they would have originally spent on either traditional or digital marketing.

In addition, as a WeBuy member, there is an opportunity to earn a significant number of WBY tokens by viewing relevant ads on the platform. The typical internet user sees more than 4,000 advertisements every month with no returns for viewing. On the WeBuy platform, even the ads can make up for the time you spent on watching them.

Buyers on the WeBuy network are able to describe the product or service they want to buy on a “SellMe” profile. It is visible to all relevant WeBuy sellers in the buyer’s geographical area, and with a purchased channel, sellers are able to sell their products to the buyer. Every dollar spent on WeBuy advertising will be distributed between the buyers who see the advertisement and the buyer who introduced the seller to WeBuy, via a Community Engagement Compensation program.

WeBuy offers users the opportunity to benefit from taking an active part in platform growth. Buyers on WeBuy create the Buyer Referral Network (BRN) by inviting SMEs to join the platform. The owner of the BRN receives a significant amount of the budget, paid by the seller that he/she invited according to the CEC (Community Engagement Compensation) Policy.This way, any amount paid by the SMEs for advertising is distributed between the WeBuy platform, the buyer who views the advertisement, and the buyer who introduced the SME.

The WeBuy system offers each seller that joins the platform, a gift of $500 in the form of advertisement credits, valued in WBY tokens. The joining grant will be distributed exactly as if the tokens were purchased by the seller and can be utilized to reach out to the buyers. WeBuy sellers are able to save money due to the possibility of direct target marketing from the Sellers to the Buyers, and therefore prevents exhausting resources on irrelevant ads for users.

WeBuy’s reverse advertisement strategy is a profitable venture for both the seller and the buyer, utilizing the platform for business transactions. It embodies several benefits which are new to e-commerce. Become a WeBuy member and start earning immediately.

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