Key Strategies to Trim Your Grocery Bill

Going grocery shopping is a regular part of our lives. We plan our budget according to the grocery bill from the previous month and spend almost half of the next paycheck on groceries. Not everyone understands that some people have to stretch their $15,000–20, 000 a year to make ends meet. Statistics show that salaries in the US differ drastically based on theprofession, gender, education, and location, some of them not allowing the workers to overspend their planned budget on groceries.

You might be able to implement several healthy habits in your shopping behaviour, but it’s tough to follow through. In addition, the current payment system and advertising techniques make it even worse to follow through with your plan of trimming down the grocery bill.

WeBuy can be an asset for you in this situation

By creating a completely different experience for buyers and sellers, WeBuy acts as an aid for budget planning. Users can concentrate on building a SellMe profile which allows users to describe their desired product. It lets the sellers know if the buyer is interested in their product or not. Only the matching pairs of buyers and sellers will be able to communicate, cutting the cost of grocery shopping by:

  • Reducing the time spent on searching for the product.
  • Reducing the expenses of shopping outside (transportation, etc.).
  • Not settling for a pricy product when not being able to find the one you desire.

How does WeBuy help users trim the grocery bill?

WeBuy manages to trim the grocery bill by:

  • Giving the buyer a chance to specify the product they want to buy.
  • Implementing a referral program that’ll help the buyers collect rewards.
  • Buyers get paid for being the recipient of the ads.
  • Competition encourages sellers to reduce prices.
  • WBY token could increase in price in the future.

The stepwise procedure from being a buyer to being part of a BRN

As mentioned above, WeBuy offers a Buyer Referral Network (BRN). It’s an additional asset to what the WeBuy platform represents that’ll help you add earnings while saving.

Here’s how you become a part of BRN:

  • An individual buyer (you) will invite seller (small or medium-scale enterprise) on WeBuy.
  • Seller accepts the invitation, thus becoming a part of Buyer Referral Network.
  • Seller promotes its product and pays for advertising. The buyer (who invited the seller on WeBuy) receives a portion of the advertising payment that the seller made.
  • Buyer can invite multiple sellers and grow the Buyer Referral Network, receiving portions of the advertising payment from different sellers.

If you’re eager to learn more about WeBuy and how the platform can help you, watch the explanatory video. Make sure to dig into details to maximize your experience with WeBuy.

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