Is There Anything Better Than Native Advertising?

Almost sixty percent (58.3%) of the thirty-two billion dollars ($32.90bn) advertising expenses were predicted to go into native advertising in 2018.

The actual expenditure was over sixty-eight percent (68.57%) of the predicted thirty-two billion ($32bn) dollars.

Digital, a paradigm that never stops evolving, and blockchain is the next big thing that soared through 2018 taking over the world by storm. The liberty blockchain backed innovations enjoy is seamless, just like the technology.

Blockchain stores all the data through distributed ledger technology, keeping the data dispersed over a network. Big brands like BMW are already jumping on the bandwagon.

Here comes something even better…

From the DotCom bubble to cryptocurrency, if we haven’t learned that evolution is the key, we are still living under a rock. This is where WeBuy comes in, a platform that is taking native advertising to the next level while merging all the big ideas, from native advertising to geo-targeting to the reliability of blockchain distributed ledger technology.

Combining the magic

Understanding the necessity of evolution and the fact that the consumer is evolving with the users, WeBuy answers the most debated question of the native advertising industry with its on-demand advertising solution.

The very nature of native advertising is becoming its enemy. It blends in with the content. Facebook advertising expert Ali Parmelee believes that the worst issue is that users can feel they are being conned. An on-demand solution for advertising is a different story altogether. It serves the purpose of making the user feel secure.

Economic Viability through Geo-Targeting

Native advertising doesn’t come cheap and buyers can’t benefit from it. Native advertising is designed to blend in with its surroundings authentically, be it your Twitter feed or The New York Times homepage. It gets murky becausenative advertising can be considered content, but what really separates the two is money; native is essentially pay-to-play.

Consider the benefits of WeBuy On-Demand Advertising:

  • Unlike conventional social media advertising and promotions, wWeBuy has a unique edge on top of its advertising engine.
  • WeBuy is driving the new advertising economic model towards true decentralization. The platform is actually sharing up to 90% of income with its users and even more in the future.
  • WeBuy cuts out the hefty advertising costs by putting you in touch directly with the vendors in your locale.
  • WeBuy uses geo-targeting to bring you an economically viable solution to your needs while keeping your delivery time low.
  • WeBuy puts you in touch with vendors you can trust, and it all happens instantly.

Covering data security

Blockchain boomed in late 2017 and early 2018. That was the time when data breaches were at their peak. In 2018 alone over four hundred and forty-six million records were either exposed publicly or sold on the darknet. This was the result of the extravagant 1,244 data breaches. Making user data security its priority, WeBuy is leveraging blockchain security layers for the platform. Having paid to advertise, sellers can see buyers and answer their SellMe profiles, communicating in real-time, while promoting products and services to their potential new customers or clients.

  • The combination of a decentralized ledger and a user-friendly application creates a self-sufficient ecosystem.
  • The WeBuy platform allows for the verification and confirmation of ownership for sharing revenues.
  • The WeBuy sharing model will be implemented as a Smart Contract. Transactions will be verified using asymmetric cryptography keys. Sellers will be fully confident that the advertising they pay for is seen only by interested buyers.

How can you take advantage of WeBuy?

WeBuy is a simple two-way system that allows Buyers and Sellers to interact directly with each other without having to worry about deceptions and disturbance. You get all the good chunks from native advertising without any of the negatives.

  • Sellers pay to communicate with buyers who have expressed interest in specific products or services. Buyers receive a share of the advertising fees that have been paid for by the sellers. It results in a true win-win situation for both parties involved.
  • Buyers are able to recruit sellers to WeBuy in order to establish their very own Buyer Referral Network (BRN).
  • Buyers are able to find the products and services that they want at the best price, nearby, and are compensated for reviewing relevant ads.
  • Sellers are able to reach potential customers and clients who they know are interested in their specific products.
  • In effect, customer acquisition and transaction costs are cut, and advertising is targeted and highly effective. It results in a true win-win situation for both parties involved.

Do you have a great product that needs attention? WeBuy can help you scale and get the ball rolling in order to keep you afloat. On the other hand, if you are just looking to buy the best shoes quickly, hassle free, and for the best price, WeBuy can be your savior while being fast, reliable, and trustworthy.

Don’t miss out and head over to WeBuy now!

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