Help Reduce $163Bn Global Ad Costs

Online advertising, also known as internet advertising or web advertising is a form of advertising that uses the internet. The number of worldwide retail e-commerce sales is set to grow by 70% by 2021. The latest Forrester Research report projects that digital marketing expenses will make up 44% of all ad expenses.

Advertising agencies and platforms have had a selfish approach. Googlepockets about $116 billion yearly, from big sellers for paid ads. Facebookearns up to $8 billion. The global ad giants have built a win-lose system, where sellers are subjected to ad payments that do not give an equal return on sales.

Here’s a testimonial of an entrepreneur who spent $4M on Google ads:

“What I was actually doing wrong, was giving it too much credit. I thought it would eventually work even when the CPA was so much higher than all our other marketing channels, but the quality of the users I got was unusually low. As I see it, I failed to understand that it’s simply not right for everyone, and it was just not a good fit for what I was advertising. I kept trying and trying to make it work, spending thousands of dollars and endless hours doing it, but I never got good results in return.”

What we actually need is a change of perspective on what works for our products — spend big on “big-time” ads as they “guarantee” to work for our products? Or go with a blockchain advertising platform which allows control for a fraction of the cost?

WeBuy aims to correct each of these imbalances by operating an on-demand advertising platform with no centralized control, built-in virality, powerful growth incentives, all-rounded compensation model, easier experience for customers (or clients) and better customer targeting for merchants.

Ad spend on WeBuy guarantees Returns

Return on marketing investment is the contribution to profit attributable to marketing, divided by the marketing ‘invested’ or risked. At WeBuy, this is possible. It is a platform that is focused on buyers..

Buyers’ activity is the main engine for the success of the WeBuy platform. WeBuy is growing into a comprehensive global network through individual consumers and clients creating Buyer Referral Networks (BRNs), and inviting offline sellers (physical stores, shops, malls, etc) and new potential buyers (consumers, and clients) to join WeBuy.

In turn, these potential buyers are compensated using parts of the funds spent by their stores and service providers (“Sellers”) on advertising for WeBuy users. Active buyers in WeBuy earn WBY tokens as partners. The more active they are, the more they can earn.

By paying for advertisements, sellers can approach the buyer through a range of advertising methods. The sellers are able to communicate with the buyers directly in real time and promote their products to new customers, leading to a buy/no buy decision by the buyer. The buyers’ advantages are clear in the WeBuy platform.

It will be necessary to ensure that the sellers who are invited, will be motivated to immediately use the platform actively. To achieve this, each seller will receive a joining grant of $500 from WeBuy in the form of advertisement credits, valued in WBY tokens.

Advertising expenses of the sellers are not controlled by a central system, so money is not just landing in one wallet. When a seller pays for an ad, the money will be used to compensate different levels of buyer parties:

  • Communicating Buyer (CB) — the buyer who communicates with the seller
  • Referring Buyer (RB) — the buyer who invited the CB to join WeBuy
  • Buyer Referral Network Owner (BRNO) — the buyer which owns the network to which a specific seller was invited.
  • Referring Buyer Referral Network Owner (RBRNO) — the buyer which has invited a BRNO to the WeBuy Platform.

Every one of them will get a cut. Ad spends on WeBuy only happen when it’s necessary. The buyer community at WeBuy controls the seller’s spending. After consumers introduce the seller to the platform and to other buyers, only then does spending begin. The seller is saved the pain of advertising with no returns.

Let’s dive deeper into what WeBuy is offering that no other platform can match.

Amazing Features of the WeBuy Platform

At WeBuy, a seller only spends on the right audience. The right target consumer activates a seller’s activity on the platform. The WeBuy platform includes all of the tools needed by the buyers to select and invite SMEs and for those SMEs to integrate with the platform.

The owner of the Buyer Referral Network (BRN) receives a significant amount of the budget, paid by the seller that he/she invited according to the CEC (Community Engagement Compensation) Policy. This way, any amount paid by the SMEs for advertising is distributed between the WeBuy platformthe buyer who views the advertisement and the buyer who introduced the SME.

How You and WeBuy Benefits

The money the Buyer gets from the advertising can be used to purchase from the seller or saved for future purchases. WeBuy earns a small percentage from the community activity, and not from hosting the platform. WeBuy only earns if the sellers and buyers have benefited. Ad spending needs to benefit everyone in the equation. WeBuy will not have any control over how a seller accesses buyers. The buyer will be the most important player in the matrix.

“To be redeemed, one must offer to sacrifice not only their good things but all those evil things they cling to blindly — their hates and their divisions, their pride, their quarrels, and misunderstandings…” A great quote to remember by both sellers and buyers.

The power is shifting. Advertising agencies that benefit from this imbalance will not survive when the consumer realizes that they own the process.

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