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WeBuy Builds a New World for Buyers & Sellers

WeBuy has created a completely new experience for buyer and seller communication.


Choose When, Why, & How to be Reached, and get paid!

With this new dynamic, buyers’ needs are a priority. When it comes to being contacted, buyers set the rules and conditions. Sellers are then able to offer their best products and services directly to interested buyers.


Build a Profitable Business

With this new dynamic, sellers have the chance to build profitable businesses, just by sharing information from their phone!


Geolocalize a Potential Buyer

With this new dynamic, local business owners will be able to geolocalize potential clients in real time. Clients that are willing to buy their products and services.


WeBuy takes over the monopoly of the advertising giants and gives the power and the money back to the buyer. In effect, we are enabling SMEs to promote their products and services to those interested, quickly, simply, and at minimal cost.

It is based on two main concepts:

WeBuy - Calls
Sellers pay to communicate with buyers who have expressed interest in specific products or services. Buyers receive a share of the advertising fees that have been paid for by the sellers. This results in a true win-win for both parties involved.
Buyers are able to recruit sellers into WeBuy in order to establish their very own Buyer Referral Network (BRN).


Sellers are invited to join WeBuy by individual buyers who know them and have confidence in them.
By accepting the invitation, sellers join the buyer’s Buyer Referral Network (BRN).
This means that whenever the seller pays for advertising on WeBuy, the buyer that onboarded that seller receives a portion of the their advertising spend.
When a buyer wants to make a purchase, he/she needs to create a SellMe profile, which describes the product or service that they would want to buy. The SellMe profile is then sent to WeBuy sellers in the buyer’s geographical area that are selling the products or services that the buyer is looking for.
Having paid to advertise, sellers can see buyers and answer their SellMe profiles, communicating in real-time, while promoting products and services to their potential new customers or clients.
WeBuy - wby.io

Buyers are able to find the products and services that they want, at the best price, and sellers are able to reach potential customers and clients who they know are interested in their specific products.

In effect, customer acquisition and transaction costs are cut, and advertising is targeted and highly effective.


Blockchain technologies provide WeBuy with full transparency and reliability.


WeBuy will be completely open source and will operate autonomously with no entity controlling the majority of its tokens. Its data and records of operation will be cryptographically stored on a public decentralized blockchain.

WeBuy will generate tokens, set criteria, and distribute utility tokens from day 1.

WeBuy will adapt its protocol in response to proposed improvements and market feedback based on a majority consensus of all WeBuy users.

The combination of decentralized ledger and a user-friendly application/marketplace creates a self-sufficient ecosystem.

The WeBuy platform allows for the verification and confirmation of ownership for sharing revenues.

The WeBuy sharing model will be implemented as a Smart Contract. Transactions are verified using cryptography asymmetric keys. Sellers will be fully confident that the advertising they pay for is seen only by interested buyers.


The WeBuy Platform combines its core components across the Public Stellar Network and the WeBuy blockchains. The platform will link or interoperate between these chains. WBY Tokens will form an integral part of the main Stellar network – enjoying all the benefits it offers, including fast and cheap transactions.


The WBY Token fuels the WeBuy on-demand advertising platform. WeBuy is a cross-border, universal platform that demands a payment system based on a single token:

WeBuy Token Ads purchase
By the sellers, in order to purchase advertising opportunities
Webuy Sharing to buyer
By WeBuy, in order to pay the buyers their share of the sellers’ advertising spend
WeBuy Token Product Purchase
By the buyers, in order to purchase products and services from sellers
Webuy Transaction cost
Generally, to save transaction costs – made possible by fast and cheap Stellar (XLM) blockchain-based transactions

It will also be possible to pay for products and services offline using cash, credit, and so on. This leaves the door open to 90% of all retail purchases that normally take place offline.

The WBY Token is a medium of exchange within a vastly growing network of merchants.

WBY Tokens will be listed on as many cryptocurrency exchanges as possible. WBY will be traded on the exchange featured by Stellar – a decentralized exchange that makes it possible to trade any Stellar network token from day. This eliminates the risk of having to rely solely on a third party exchange to list the token.


Light Paper

White paper


Emil Guberman - CEO - WeBuy


Founding, financing and managing companies and complicated international projects in Israel, USA, UK, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Victor Nemirovsky - CPO - Team WeBuy


Over 20 years’ experience in software engineering and leading development teams to successfully deliver solutions and products in several industries.

Yuri Voschinsky - Team WeBuy


Leading teams in data processing, big data, cloud computing and real-time control for more than 20 years.

Ilya Yulish - CIO - Team WeBuy


Technology evangelist, cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast with over 20 years’ experience in software and business development.


alexei Ivashentsev - WeBuy

Alexei Ivashentsev


Anatoliy Moulin

Anatoliy Moulin


Andrei Agryskov (Webuy)

Andrey Agryzkov


daria Tarakanova - Team WBY

Daria Tarakanova

Web Design


Ella Glicksman

Administrative Manager

Kyrill Yumatov

Kiril Yumatov


Ksenia - Team Webuy

Ksenia Suhitskaya

Community Management

Lalou Mikael - Growth Hacker - WeBuy

Mikael Lalou


Sonny Azzez Team WBY

Sony Azeez

Creative Content

Yaron Gubermana

Yaron Guberman

Community Management

Yula Verman - Art Director

Yula Verman

Art Direction


Vered Itzhaki - Token Economist Advisor

Vered Itzhaki
Token Economics Advisor

Cryptoeconomics Expert Advisor. 20+ years in managing and hedging financial risks, advising companies on financing and providing solutions to complex financial issues.

Alex Averbutch - Strategic advisor

Alex Averbuch
Strategic Advisor

Experienced Finance & Marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the Investment & Credit insurance and Foreign Trade Finance industry. 

jared Polites - Webuy Marketing Advisor

Jared Polites
Marketing Advisor

New York-based blockchain marketing specialist, Partner at Blockteam Ventures, writer at CryptoCoinsNews and Former FBI Analyst.


Tumennast Erdenebold (PH.D) - Webuy Blockchain Advisor

Tumennast Erdenebold (Ph.D)
Blockchain Advisor

S. Korea- based Post-Doctoral Researcher in Blockchain Sciences and member at the Blockchain Economic Forum.


Ismail Malik Webuy Advisor

Ismail Malik
Blockchain Advisor

Leading expert in the blockchain field, founder and CEO of Blockchain Lab, editor in chief of  ICOcrowd, +20 years experience in technology related startups and entrepreneurship.


Stas Manevich
Technical Advisor

+20 years of experience in Networking Integration and Telecom.

Ariel Ezrachi
Legal Advisor

The Slaughter and May Professor of Competition Law at the University of Oxford and the Director of the University of Oxford Centre for Competition Law and Policy. His research and commentary have been featured in The EconomistThe New YorkerWall Street JournalFinancial TimesThe GuardianNikkeiNew ScientistPoliticoWIREDBBC, and other international outlets.


What is Webuy?

The Problem

These days, online ads continue to stunt the growth of the market by delivering non-targeted ads to passive audiences who continue to kick against these intrusive marketing strategies. Potential Buyers get overlooked, opportunities get wasted, and businesses keep expanding their budgets in a blind mode leaving large Ad Platforms as the only winners in this miserable situation.

The Solution

The WeBuy on-demand advertising platform enables Buyers to choose how, when, and why they can be reached by Sellers and whether or not they should be reached in the first place. If the Buyer opts to be reached, he gets rewarded for being contacted with no buying commitment. Leveraging geolocation tools, Sellers can control and wisely allocate their ad budgets, ensuring they are targeting the right market. This breakthrough solution eliminates the clogs that has been backing up the system by completely removing the source of this congestion out of play: middlemen.

How does geolocation work?

WeBuy offers a mobile application that allows buyers to describe the product or service they want to buy. The description (“SellMe”) is shown to all relevant WeBuy sellers/stores in the buyer’s geographical area, enabling them to see, communicate, and promote their product or service to the buyer in real time.

How do I earn as a buyer?

The average internet user get bombarded with over than 4,000 advertisements every month – whether they ask for it or not.  WeBuy offers its members an opportunity to earn a significant amount of passive revenue by viewing relevant ads from the sellers/store owners. Every dollar spent on WeBuy advertising will be distributed between the buyer who sees the advertisement and the buyer who introduced the seller to the WeBuy platform.

How do I set up a Buyer Referral Network (BRN) of my own?

It’s actually very simple. Users on WeBuy create their own Buyer Referral Networks (BRNs) by inviting Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs) of their choice to join the platform. Once the SME accepts the invite, they are added to your BRN. The selection of SMEs is completely open to all.

What is a joining grant?

Buyers enjoy a lot of benefits on the WeBuy platform, but what about the sellers? Well, Webuy is the first blockchain ecommerce platform to offer each and every seller a “grant” for successfully signing up! Yes, each seller receives a sign up grant of $500 from WeBuy in the form of advertisement or ad credits. Additionally, sellers enjoy the benefits of highly targeted ads and the increased ability to sell to interested buyers.

Why use the Stellar Blockchain?

Most token events tends to get issued on the Ethereum network in the form of ERC20 tokens. However, recent events have highlighted some weaknesses of the network, such as, slow transaction speed, slow processing time, and high gas fees. Stellar was designed from the ground up in order to support efficient trading with require high speed transaction processing and cheap gas prices. Any token created on Stellar can be bought and sold immediately on Stellar’s decentralized exchange. Stellar offers 3-5 second confirmation time (versus  3 minutes on Ethereum), .00001 XLM fee, and atomic, multi-operation transactions. Stellar represents the ideal solution for what WeBuy has in mind.

Which wallet supports WBY tokens?

All officially supported XLM wallets can be found here: https://www.stellar.org/lumens/wallets/

How can I contribute to the Token Generation Event?

Very easily. First, you will need to get whitelisted. To do so, please pay a visit to our website (WBY.io) and click on the “Join White List” button (on the top right). Follow the instructions provided and then our incredible team will contact you.

Will there be KYC?

Yes of course. All contributors will have to be checked and verified by our legal services in order to ensure that they are fully allowed to take a part in our ITO (Initial Token Offering). Some documents will be required i.e. proof of identification (e.g. ID, passport, etc.) and proof of residential address (e.g. utility bill, etc.).

Can everybody contribute to the ITO (Initial Token Offering)?

No. Citizens of the US and Singapore are prohibited from participating (unless they are an accredited investor).

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