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The Platform is based on two main concepts:

1. New communication paradigm

Sellers pay to communicate with buyers who have expressed interest in specific products or services. Buyers receive a share of the advertising fees that have been paid for by the sellers. This results in a true win-win for both parties involved.

2. Platform Created and Owned by Buyers

Buyers are able to recruit sellers to WeBuy in order to establish their very own Buyer Referral Network (BRN).

The WBY token will fuel the rapidly increasing volumes of online-to-offline commerce.

Cost Per Token $0.25

Cost Per Token: $0.25

Starts 25th March 2019

Starts 25th March 2019

Accepted Currencies FIAT + Cryptocurrencies

Accepted Currencies: FIAT + Cryptocurrencies

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Choose When, Why, & How to Be Reached, and Get Paid!

With this new dynamic, buyers needs are a priority. When it comes to being contacted, buyers set the rules and conditions. Sellers are then able to offer their best products and services directly to interested buyers.

Build a Profitable Business

With this new dynamic, buyers have the chance to build profitable businesses, just by sharing information from their phones!

Geolocalize a Potential Buyer

With this new dynamic, local business owners will be able to geolocalize potential clients in real time; clients that are willing to buy their products and services.

SellMe Profiles with Real-Time Communication

WeBuy takes on the monopoly of the advertising giants and gives the power and money back to the buyer. In effect, we are enabling SMEs to promote their products and services to those interested, quickly, simply, and at minimal cost.

When a buyer wants to make a purchase, they create a SellMe profile, which describes the product or service that they want to buy. The SellMe profile is then sent to WeBuy sellers in the buyer’s geographical area who are selling the products or services that the buyer is looking for.

Having paid to advertise, sellers can see buyers and answer their SellMe profiles, communicating in real-time, while promoting products and services to their potential new customers or clients.
This Approach Leads to a New Win-Win Situation

Buyers are able to find the products and services that they want, at the best price, nearby, and are compensated for reviewing relevant ads.

Sellers are able to reach potential customers and clients who they know are interested in their specific products.

In effect, customer acquisition and transaction costs are cut, and advertising is targeted and highly effective.This results in a true win-win for both parties involved.

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