Simple Economic Solution for Everyday Use

The World Employment and Social Outlook revealed that more women are unemployed (5.4%) in comparison with the unemployment rate of men (4.7%). This phenomenon is common in low to middle-income countries and rarely met in the upper to middle-income countries. WeBuy has proposed a strategy to reduce the unemployment rate.

“Especially in our current economic downturn, it is crucial that we pursue national policies that promote innovation to ensure that there will be enough prosperity to carry on into the next generation.” — Gary Shapiro, author of New York Times best-selling books.

WeBuy’s Simple Solutions for Everyday Use

WeBuy is a creative idea, inspired by global economic problems limiting the success of businesses. Developed from a good thought out process, WeBuy presents the following solutions to economic challenges.

Elimination of middlemen in Businesses

Having observed the mechanism of middlemen in enterprises, WeBuy has integrated a streamlined function eliminating the need for middlemen.Middlemen are advertisement agents, intermediaries between the buyer and the seller.

The Statistical portal shows that the global advertising expenses from 2014 to 2018 have increased by 55.1%. Experts have estimated that it will grow more significantly by 20.1% in 2021. In 2017, the United States spent the largest on adverts with 197.5 billion U.S. dollars, followed by China and Japan. Seemingly, the global advertising expenditure will continue to increase.

The WeBuy platform will decentralize the digital advertising world and make it profitable for all. All buyers’ turn into advertising opportunities for the sellers. The sellers are then able to pay to be able to approach the buyer via a range of advertising methods. It allows the sellers to use a pure direct marketing strategy, preventing the exhaustion of resources on irrelevant ads for irrelevant users.

A Paradigm shift in business communications

WeBuy platforms are engineered to break new ground in business communications between a buyer and a seller. Up until now, transactions have always towed from the seller to the buyer in actual businesses. Even online businesses still need some form of digital advertisement to attract buyers.

On the WeBuy platform, we already have buyers looking for products and in need of the sellers. It will reduce the cost of running a business for the sellers, maximize profits and enhance the economy.

Work From Home Opportunities

The WeBuy platform will provide lots of opportunities to work from home, securing some benefits of economic development. Statistics show that every year almost $1.8 trillion worth of productivity is lost through distractions like office gossiping, time lost on the road, etc. (Forbes, 2017)

A report from the State of Work Productivity highlighted that 65% of employees believe that productivity will increase with more remote work opportunities (Forbes, 2017). More and more managers support the theory that productivity will increase with employees working from home.

WeBuy platform has an integrated an advertising grid which is activated once the buyer releases a buying request. These specific requests are adverts for the sellers which are direct and targeted, therefore, more beneficial than the generic and traditional advertisement placement. Money paid for the specialized advert is apportioned among the buyers, their referrer and the platform. Also, money can be earned via the buyer’s network referral. The individual buyers can build a network of either buyers or sellers, and gain as the network grows.

WeBuy Fosters Gender Equality

Financial barriers include local financial conditions — such as a lack of collateral, inadequate financial infrastructure, or the high cost of funding — while non-financial barriers include the social and cultural norms underlying gender bias.

Through the BRN, all of the opportunities available to male sellers are equally accessed by bona fide female business owners, regardless of race or creed. All one has to show is a good relationship with buyers and be in a network where one’s services or products are satisfactorily endorsed directly.


The global economic problems are the web of the nations economic flaws, so a concomitant grid of solutions are needed to resolve the majority of the challenges. WeBuy is positioning itself to be a player in the global economy.The WeBuy strategic roadmap will enable the global workforce and consolidate businesses for an economic breakthrough.

A good quote to remember when you need to make a decision about improving your financial situation today: “Even the largest avalanche is triggered by small things.” — Vernor Vinge

Join forces with WeBuy to succeed in alleviating global economic problems.

SMEs Need WeBuy to Effectively Eradicate Unemployment

What is the cause of GLOBAL UNEMPLOYMENT

‘The real minimum wage is zero unemployment’ — Thomas Sowell.

The word ‘unemployment’ is not something new or unheard of, especially in the third world countries. However, the factors behind this situation are categorized into two; cyclical unemployment and/or the natural rate of unemployment. The former is caused by the state of recession in the economy, while the latter occurs due to certain factors in the labor market, such as government regulations which create obstacles towards hiring and starting businesses.

Recession-dependent unemployment

For this type of unemployment, the Keynesian economic models pointed out the availability of both monetary and fiscal policy. A recession happens when a negative GDP growth arises. This slows down the economic growth and results in the downfall of sales and revenue of major businesses. This fall in income consequently causes businesses to regulate their expenditure. They stop hiring, retrench some of their workers, and ultimately cause ‘unemployment’.

The natural rate of unemployment

This is the most prevalent cause of unemployment in developing countries. It is due to the government having certain rules and regulations that constrain businesses from hiring and also unemployed persons from accepting jobs. These rules and regulations are set in place by the government to ascertain the safety of workers and masses regarding places where a business can operate but these can be well-meaning. Government regulations are essential but can prevent businesses from hiring.

Although different solutions have been proposed to address unemployment, they are only effective in theory, not practically. So what solution do you think is able to tackle this issue properly?

SMEs are pinpointed as the SOLUTION

For those who aren’t aware of this solution, SMEs means Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. These units are capable of improving the economy of a country if properly supported. Seeing that SMEs have enjoyed little to no attention from government agencies tasked with this purpose, WeBuy laid out plans and devised a blockchain platform for supporting the needs of SMEs.

  1. SMEs in full support of the WeBuy concept will join and continue to emphasize productivity and innovations as fundamental to the growth of an economy.
  2. Through endorsements from buyers of products joining WeBuy, SMEs can provide better opportunities and further create jobs, thus ultimately reducing the rate of unemployment.
  3. In a scenario where local designers are provided with funds, publicity, and access into the international market, they could have a greater chance of survival
  4. For distributing their products, they are equipped with enough publicity to connect them to buyers without having to spend excessively.
  5. SMEs as sellers can collaborate with buyers in an increasing network of BRNs (Buyer Referral Networks) who would invite others to join the BRN. A BRN is started by an appreciative buyer of the product who has registered with WeBuy.
  6. Cost of advertising is reduced because ads targeted to relevant consumers by the On-Demand model.

WeBuy’s Role In Reducing Unemployment

WeBuy is a novel on-demand advertising platform that will provide solutions to the problems rocking the development of SMEs, thereby reducing unemployment. WeBuy provides economic solutions to SMEs through a platform that has been strategically built to provide a readymade network for buyers and sellers at no cost.

WeBuy’s priority is to create brand awareness and to connect buyers and sellers together. This initial effort will focus on certain geographical limits.

Supporting WeBuy’s concept directly reflects your support to further endorse SMEs as the ideal solution to reducing unemployment. The quick growth strategies put in place by WeBuy to boost an SME’s brand-building is assuredly predicted to be a success.