How 500 Mn Small And Medium Industries Prosper in the Future Economy

According to the 2016 ILO Report, 2.8 billion individuals were employed by the private sector, which represents 87% of total employment, with the remaining 13% in non-market services. Although private enterprises’ share of employment differs across countries, a strong private sector is a foundation for growth, job creation, and poverty reduction.

It is universally recognized in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which explicitly refer to the role of entrepreneurship and the formalization and growth of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in achieving the goal of decent work and economic growth.

The ILO “World Employment and Social Outlook 2017 Report” shows that a range of country-specific factors, such as, labor market institutions, historical patterns of organization, access to trade and global supply chains, market size and financing availability, affect firm growth and, in some instances, explain the persistence of informality — which can have widespread, negative consequences for businesses, workers and society.

The 500 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), representing around 95% of all businesses around the world, are integral to global supply chains. SMEs, that are proactively addressing sustainability issues and transparency, are in a better position to gain access to new value chains and improve their business. In addition, given their dominant share of the global economy, responsible business conduct among SMEs is essential to a sustainable future.

SMEs and Sustainable Future

A global dialogue for SMEs is seen as the most efficient and effective way to involve SMEs in the responsible business movement. Given their collective reach and dominant role in the global economy, SME adoption of responsible business practices is essential for a thriving global community that lifts humanity and enhances the resources on which all life depends.

WeBuy is creating a completely new experience for buyer and seller communication. The platform allows sellers to communicate with interested buyers through paid outreach plans. Buyers, not only get their services or products in need catered but also receive a share of the outreach fee paid by the seller.

This model creates a sustainable loop that would allow the buyers and sellers to continue to grow in a win-win ecosystem. In addition, buyers can contribute to the ecosystem through the referral network. The platform allows buyers to introduce new sellers.

WeBuy and New Value Chains

WeBuy takes on the monopoly of the advertising giants and gives the power and money back to the buyer. As a result, WeBuy is enabling SMEs to promote their products and services to those interested, quickly, simply, and at minimum cost.

The capacity of SMEs to generate job growth, relative to large firms, increases with income per capita. In developing economies, the rate of job creation among SMEs is similar to that for large firms, but in emerging and developed economies, employment growth is higher among SMEs than large firms (although the premium relative to large firms is considerably lower in emerging economies than that in developed economies).

This may reflect the fact that many SMEs in developing economies, and to a lesser extent in emerging economies, are entrepreneurs out of necessity, whose primary focus is to survive and not necessarily to expand.

  • In the WeBuy platform, created and owned by buyers, buyers are able to recruit sellers on WeBuy in order to establish their very own Buyer Referral Network (BRN).
  • With the BRNs, innovation is encouraged, which is a crucial source of competitiveness for enterprises, as well as a key driver of sustained growth and development.
  • Overall, innovation leads to better labor opportunities, as expanded trade stimulates employment growth by providing SMEs opportunities to enhance their competitiveness, to export to foreign markets and to make use of the best available production inputs through importing.

WeBuy Assures Transparency and Sustainable Growth

  • WeBuy will be completely transparent and will operate autonomously with no entity controlling it. Its data and records of operation will be cryptographically stored on a public, decentralized blockchain.
  • WeBuy will generate tokens, set criteria, and distribute utility tokens from day 1.
  • WeBuy will adapt its protocol in response to proposed improvements and market feedback based on a majority consensus of all WeBuy users.

Support your local SMEs. Support empowerment of 500M SMEs through WeBuy!

Transparency, Reliability, and Cost Efficiency on the WeBuy Platform

World capitalism has drained the customer dry. Capitalism has slowly made the critical masses, including buyers, consumers or customers, lose their powers. Today, gigantic conglomerates control the market. It’s predicted that global e-retail sales will grow by 71% by the year 2021. They control the world trading and won’t give the buyers affordable prices and a chance to make their own choice. This ruthless business practice hits online markets harder than other institutions. They have exploited their consumer for far too long.

At WeBuy, such practices are forgotten. Let’s explore the possibilities of this game-changing platform.

Buyers Are Craving Transparency

Transparency, as used in science, engineering, business, the humanities, and in other social contexts, is operated in a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability.

Opaqueness in the traditional online market

Sellers all over the world have adopted the traditional online platforms to reach a larger buyer audience. With this method, big and small brands have found it easier to ride on already established “broker platforms”. They charge sellers advertising and commission fees to access the buyer market. The highest bidder gets the larger share. Buyers are just visitors on these platforms. They are only needed when, and if, they are purchasing. There is no relationship, only limited data about the sellers and a risky business relationship.

Markets Should Be Transparent

At WeBuy, the buyer controls the markets. The main rule on this platform is that the”customer is king”. Buyers have the advantage of accessing detailed data on sellers. In fact, they have an exclusive advantage of inviting sellers to their networks if they pass the test of credibility. Sellers also have access to their buyers’ public data. There is an open sharing of information. This story will change over from controlled, opaque systems, to open, free, and transparent business systems where buyers have a say.

Buyers Want Reliable Data

Information that many of the traditional online platforms display is limited. They will show you what they think is necessaryCritical data is withheld, denying the market the ability to make fully informed decisions. At WeBuy, all data is important. It is open for users to access and use it for their transactions. It is factual data, based on actual transactions.

Market Controls Have Made Markets Unreliable

The broker platforms control what buyers can access. The trade systems are complicated, and unreliable. Fictitious scarcity is applied to drive prices up. You can never trust them.

WeBuy Now Makes The Market Reliable

At WeBuy, there is no limitation to what you need to access. All information regarding the seller is shared and displayed on the platform. There is no room for disappointment with this new technology. The buyer’s side of the market is empowered to allow only credible sellers. For a seller to survive in this system, they must be reliable. The buyer networks are pushing for it and the control is now in the hands of the customer.

Buyers Want Reduced Add-On Costs

There are two models to watch here: a standard competitive pricediscrimination model, in which consumers observe all prices, and an “addon pricing” game, in which addon prices are naturally unobserved, and firms may advertise a base product at a low price in the hope of selling addons at high unadvertised prices.

High cost in traditional online markets

In traditional markets, buyers bear the brunt of an added commission fee and advertising costs to the original price. It is predicted that online ad markets will grow by 11% between 2016 and 2021. As this cost of advertising keeps growing, the pressure on buyers will grow as well. Buyers have become the beast of burden, as they ironically carry the proverbial ”customer is king” tag.

Avoiding wasteful advertising

At WeBuy, only available markets define the cost of advertising. If there is no market for you, you will not spend your money on advertising, you will wait to be invited by the right buyers who need you.

The Revolution is Coming…

The markets are about to be revolutionized by this earth-moving, paradigm shift. The complicated seller-broker-buyer relationship has been brought down. A straight-forward, buyer-seller partnership has been established on the WeBuy platform.

The buyers, who have been at the center of exploitation, are moving to the top of the food chain. All buyers are highly encouraged to disown the systems of brokerage exploitation and join WeBuy.

Here, your choice doesn’t come at a cost. In fact, you get to earn the dollars when sellers access you. The ad money can be saved and used for future purchase.

Join WeBuy, and enjoy a transparent, reliable and cost-effective way to access markets.

Quick Ways of Earning, Spending, and Saving, All On One Platform

Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’s learning to live on less than you make, so you can give the money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you do this.” — Dave Ramsey

WeBuy’s system functions in a way that money is spent wisely, gained conveniently, and saved properly.

Virtual Integrated System for Entrepreneurs

The world recognizes e-commerce as a virtual means of buying and selling, but not saving. At least not on the same platform. Whereas, on the WeBuy, there is an avenue to buy, sell and save money as well. The existing virtual marketplace has coordinated buying and selling on their platforms from the beginning. Some have integrated logistics and virtual inventory systems that takes notes of products ordered and stocks remaining.

There has been an increase of 158% in e-commerce sales and profits worldwide, from 2014 to 2019, as shown in the chart above. Corresponding with this increase are the earnings/profits made by sellers. Also, within the period from 2014 to 2019, the number of buyers increased by 45%. This information shows that within these years, sellers have been continuously earning money from the proceeds sold while buyers have also been spending money shopping on the platforms. Clearly, both the seller and the buyer do not save money from selling and shopping online, but it’s different on the WeBuy platform.

WeBuy’s Integrated System (How It works)

Up until now advertising was generic, not directed to individuals with the need for the advertised product. Traditional advertising means placing the ads in a way that two categories of the audience (interested and uninterested) would see them. The WeBuy system has been streamlined to eliminate such advertisement overkill.

Digital marketing/advertising has replaced traditional marketing in terms of being cost effective, tracking abilities as well as in coverage; yet there are still some associated hidden charges that have to do with content optimization and others.

The graph below shows a comparison between the cost-effectiveness of digital and traditional marketing.

Digital advertising is dominated by Google and Facebook, which collectively hold about 60% of the market. Global mobile advertising expenses are predicted to reach $163 billion by 2019. WeBuy’s vision is to correct this vital imbalance. It will regain control of the advertising world back from the giants and place it in the hands of the sellers and buyers community.

Earning, Spending, and Saving, All In One Platform

Sellers on the WeBuy platform are capable of affecting sales and making profits out of the results. Nevertheless, there’s more to it on the WeBuy platform.

Sellers on WeBuy platform will be able to earn from advertising. Sellers follow the SellMe profiles of buyers on the platform. This way, they are able to communicate and promote their products and services to the buyer in real time. This approach gives them the opportunity to earn from the cost they would have originally spent on either traditional or digital marketing.

In addition, as a WeBuy member, there is an opportunity to earn a significant number of WBY tokens by viewing relevant ads on the platform. The typical internet user sees more than 4,000 advertisements every month with no returns for viewing. On the WeBuy platform, even the ads can make up for the time you spent on watching them.

Buyers on the WeBuy network are able to describe the product or service they want to buy on a “SellMe” profile. It is visible to all relevant WeBuy sellers in the buyer’s geographical area, and with a purchased channel, sellers are able to sell their products to the buyer. Every dollar spent on WeBuy advertising will be distributed between the buyers who see the advertisement and the buyer who introduced the seller to WeBuy, via a Community Engagement Compensation program.

WeBuy offers users the opportunity to benefit from taking an active part in platform growth. Buyers on WeBuy create the Buyer Referral Network (BRN) by inviting SMEs to join the platform. The owner of the BRN receives a significant amount of the budget, paid by the seller that he/she invited according to the CEC (Community Engagement Compensation) Policy.This way, any amount paid by the SMEs for advertising is distributed between the WeBuy platform, the buyer who views the advertisement, and the buyer who introduced the SME.

The WeBuy system offers each seller that joins the platform, a gift of $500 in the form of advertisement credits, valued in WBY tokens. The joining grant will be distributed exactly as if the tokens were purchased by the seller and can be utilized to reach out to the buyers. WeBuy sellers are able to save money due to the possibility of direct target marketing from the Sellers to the Buyers, and therefore prevents exhausting resources on irrelevant ads for users.

WeBuy’s reverse advertisement strategy is a profitable venture for both the seller and the buyer, utilizing the platform for business transactions. It embodies several benefits which are new to e-commerce. Become a WeBuy member and start earning immediately.

How to Work Out Your Personal Finance Equation Better than [WEALTH] = [WHAT YOU EARN] — [WHAT YOU SPEND]

Many times you buy things you don’t need, with the money you don’t have, to impress others or to be on par with them. Is this a reasonable thing to do? It’s actually a poor choice for you because this only affects your personal finances negatively. Change your spending habits and get your financial freedom NOW!

Building your personal finance is all about fulfilling your short and long-term financial goals. The biggest obstacle to meeting your financial intentions is debt. Eliminating it should be a priority when making your financial plans. You will need to come up with a debt elimination plan which will assist you in paying it faster.

For instance, you can advance an extra payment to a particular debt account while contributing minimum to other accounts. Once you are done with one debt account, work on paying off the remaining debt. Continue with the tread, and within no time you will be debt free. Once you have paid all your debt, make sure to stay debt free. Not easy, right? You need additional income to stay liquid. Here’s how:

Your Personal Finance alongside WeBuy

One of the equations that have been used to define wealth is:


It may be right, since if you spend more than you earn, your cash flow (wealth) will drop down to negative leading you to get a loan. If you spend less than you earn, your cash flow will be positive. The provided example is correct but what if I show you a better way of acquiring positive wealth?

Apart from earning and spending, there are other key criteria that create real wealth. WeBuy brings you real wealth on one platform. It gives you the opportunity to spend less for targeted ads, save as you earn, and form a network which benefits both sellers and buyers. Isn’t that incredible?


Guaranteed Success with WeBuy

We all wake up every day with the goal of making more money. How can I increase my income? What do I do to have enough money for my needs? Don’t worry, WeBuy has a solution for your problems. WeBuy gives you a platform to increase your personal finances in the following ways:

Earn extra income- To get wealthy, one needs to look for ways for boosting their earnings. Rather than earning only from your regular job, WeBuy gives you an opportunity to increase your earnings with the gig culture. Buyers earn more when they invite sellers to their network. You can also start a business, besides your main job, and WeBuy will make it easy for you to meet potential buyers.

Cut your budget — How can I keep my costs down? You have probably asked yourself this question at least once in your life. Create wealth by ensuring that there is a high gap between your earnings and spending. WeBuy gives you a chance to meet sellers with quality goods at lower prices. Sellers also spend less on ads to meet their targeted customers.

Don’t just create Personal Wealth. Create Global Wealth with WeBuy!

The WeBuy community not only helps you to increase your personal finances but also global wealth. Make sure to clear all your debt so as to start the journey of a wealthy life. Save any surplus amount you get so that you cannot fall into debt again. Is it not amazing that one platform can benefit you this much? Join the WeBuy community today and enjoy the feel of real wealth!

Help Reduce $163Bn Global Ad Costs

Online advertising, also known as internet advertising or web advertising is a form of advertising that uses the internet. The number of worldwide retail e-commerce sales is set to grow by 70% by 2021. The latest Forrester Research report projects that digital marketing expenses will make up 44% of all ad expenses.

Advertising agencies and platforms have had a selfish approach. Googlepockets about $116 billion yearly, from big sellers for paid ads. Facebookearns up to $8 billion. The global ad giants have built a win-lose system, where sellers are subjected to ad payments that do not give an equal return on sales.

Here’s a testimonial of an entrepreneur who spent $4M on Google ads:

“What I was actually doing wrong, was giving it too much credit. I thought it would eventually work even when the CPA was so much higher than all our other marketing channels, but the quality of the users I got was unusually low. As I see it, I failed to understand that it’s simply not right for everyone, and it was just not a good fit for what I was advertising. I kept trying and trying to make it work, spending thousands of dollars and endless hours doing it, but I never got good results in return.”

What we actually need is a change of perspective on what works for our products — spend big on “big-time” ads as they “guarantee” to work for our products? Or go with a blockchain advertising platform which allows control for a fraction of the cost?

WeBuy aims to correct each of these imbalances by operating an on-demand advertising platform with no centralized control, built-in virality, powerful growth incentives, all-rounded compensation model, easier experience for customers (or clients) and better customer targeting for merchants.

Ad spend on WeBuy guarantees Returns

Return on marketing investment is the contribution to profit attributable to marketing, divided by the marketing ‘invested’ or risked. At WeBuy, this is possible. It is a platform that is focused on buyers..

Buyers’ activity is the main engine for the success of the WeBuy platform. WeBuy is growing into a comprehensive global network through individual consumers and clients creating Buyer Referral Networks (BRNs), and inviting offline sellers (physical stores, shops, malls, etc) and new potential buyers (consumers, and clients) to join WeBuy.

In turn, these potential buyers are compensated using parts of the funds spent by their stores and service providers (“Sellers”) on advertising for WeBuy users. Active buyers in WeBuy earn WBY tokens as partners. The more active they are, the more they can earn.

By paying for advertisements, sellers can approach the buyer through a range of advertising methods. The sellers are able to communicate with the buyers directly in real time and promote their products to new customers, leading to a buy/no buy decision by the buyer. The buyers’ advantages are clear in the WeBuy platform.

It will be necessary to ensure that the sellers who are invited, will be motivated to immediately use the platform actively. To achieve this, each seller will receive a joining grant of $500 from WeBuy in the form of advertisement credits, valued in WBY tokens.

Advertising expenses of the sellers are not controlled by a central system, so money is not just landing in one wallet. When a seller pays for an ad, the money will be used to compensate different levels of buyer parties:

  • Communicating Buyer (CB) — the buyer who communicates with the seller
  • Referring Buyer (RB) — the buyer who invited the CB to join WeBuy
  • Buyer Referral Network Owner (BRNO) — the buyer which owns the network to which a specific seller was invited.
  • Referring Buyer Referral Network Owner (RBRNO) — the buyer which has invited a BRNO to the WeBuy Platform.

Every one of them will get a cut. Ad spends on WeBuy only happen when it’s necessary. The buyer community at WeBuy controls the seller’s spending. After consumers introduce the seller to the platform and to other buyers, only then does spending begin. The seller is saved the pain of advertising with no returns.

Let’s dive deeper into what WeBuy is offering that no other platform can match.

Amazing Features of the WeBuy Platform

At WeBuy, a seller only spends on the right audience. The right target consumer activates a seller’s activity on the platform. The WeBuy platform includes all of the tools needed by the buyers to select and invite SMEs and for those SMEs to integrate with the platform.

The owner of the Buyer Referral Network (BRN) receives a significant amount of the budget, paid by the seller that he/she invited according to the CEC (Community Engagement Compensation) Policy. This way, any amount paid by the SMEs for advertising is distributed between the WeBuy platformthe buyer who views the advertisement and the buyer who introduced the SME.

How You and WeBuy Benefits

The money the Buyer gets from the advertising can be used to purchase from the seller or saved for future purchases. WeBuy earns a small percentage from the community activity, and not from hosting the platform. WeBuy only earns if the sellers and buyers have benefited. Ad spending needs to benefit everyone in the equation. WeBuy will not have any control over how a seller accesses buyers. The buyer will be the most important player in the matrix.

“To be redeemed, one must offer to sacrifice not only their good things but all those evil things they cling to blindly — their hates and their divisions, their pride, their quarrels, and misunderstandings…” A great quote to remember by both sellers and buyers.

The power is shifting. Advertising agencies that benefit from this imbalance will not survive when the consumer realizes that they own the process.